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HK Productivity Council Co-organized NLP Practitioner & Master Practitioner programs:

World first NLP University Co-operative Certification Project:

Affiliated Master Practitioner Certification Projects 2014

And well-received quality program:
BusinessNLP Practitioner Certification Program(CEF approved course) are available!

20th BusinessNLP Practitioner Program 05 Jan 2014 to 30 Mar 2014

03 Dec 2013 and 10 Dec 2013 Free Seminar - Enrol now!

International Institute of Professional NLP (IIPNLP)

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When the law of requisite variety is applied to interpersonal communication, it comes naturally that we should apply different strategies to different people in different situations, in order to obtain the best results. We Chinese have a lot of such related sayings: To teach students with their different aptitude. To take actions that suit the local circumstances. To give judicious guidance according to circumstances.
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Out consultant services include:operation flow management, human resources planning, human resources competency assessment and quality service management, etc.
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To effectively help organizations enhancing their performance, we provide corporate clients with tailor-made multiple solutions such as conducting training need analysis, establishing systems with total solutions in management and training, designing training flow, designing training programs

'Two days Selling with NLP WORKSHOP':
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'Two Days Professional Coaching Techniques for Managers':
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To help corporate clients establish their coaching system, and to provide personal or small group coaching services to executives. Packaged services include: executive coaching scheme, EQ development scheme for executives, and career path planning, etc.

International BusinessNLP Coach Association (IBCA)

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We provide innovative customer service auditing services in order to help business gain multiple insights in terms of their CS performance, as well as their real customer needs.
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